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Is It Time For a Medicine Cabinet Makeover?

Is It Time For a Medicine Cabinet Makeover?

My medicine cabinet is overflowing with essential oils, remedies for any and everything! If I need a jolt on the happiness meter, I tend to go for Bergamot or something in the citrus realm.  If I need to disinfect something I can create a fresh essential oil cocktail that leaves behind a beautiful scent!  Instead of harming my body and the environment, I can experience aromatherapy.

I love that essential oils can provide holistic healing and cleaning options that are null of chemical toxicity, but abundant in mind body and soul nourishment. Don’t get me wrong in certain instances commercial medicine can be a quick and easy, or a more assessable solution. I only hope to peacefully sprinkle awareness of natural and holistic options.

I’m excited to spread knowledge of essential oils and all of their glorious benefits, and I hope to help everyone learn some handy tricks!


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