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Lavender! What's not to love?

LAVENDER Before I even get into the amazing uses and benefits of Lavender essential oil, let's just talk about it's beauty!  Lavender fields shimmer in the summer sunlight casting a breeze of fresh, sweet, aromas that calm your soul. The best part is - Lavender is much more than just pretty & soothing.  Lavender is one of the most powerful remedies in the plant world with an abundance of healing power. Her color alone is tranquilizing! Amazing remedy for -  aching muscles, cuts & wounds, acne, bacteria, burns, depression, eczema, earache, fatigue, insomnia, fevers, palpitations, headache, menstrual cramps, moths & mosquitoes,..  - Read More

Is It Time For a Medicine Cabinet Makeover?

Is It Time For a Medicine Cabinet Makeover? My medicine cabinet is overflowing with essential oils, remedies for any and everything! If I need a jolt on the happiness meter, I tend to go for Bergamot or something in the citrus realm.  If I need to disinfect something I can create a fresh essential oil cocktail that leaves behind a beautiful scent!  Instead of harming my body and the environment, I can experience aromatherapy. I love that essential oils can provide holistic healing and cleaning options that are null of chemical toxicity, but abundant in mind body and soul nourishment...  - Read More

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